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Meitu Wink vs Remini App – Which is the Best Photo Retouching App in 2024? Detailed Guide 


Wink and Remini App are two of the very famous and widely used photo and video retouching apps available on the internet, and that is why we have brought you a special Wink vs Remini comparison.  Both apps have a wide range of editing and restoration tools that help to edit photos and videos with a professional touch. While Wink Video Retouching Tool and Remini Video Enhancer App have a lot of editing options in common, they also have some valuable and unique tools that give them an upper hand when in competition. 

In this in-depth comparison guide, we will look into the amazing features of Meitu Wink and Remini App, compare them and understand their pros and cons. We will also examine both apps’ subscription plans and pricing packages. We will try to come out with a conclusion that which app is the best photo and video retouching app in 2024?

What is Wink Video Retouching Tool App? 

Meitu Wink is a professional and easy to use photo and video editing application available for Android, iOS and PC. Wink App is an all-in-one solution for all content creators and editing professionals that require pro editing tools and templates. 

Wink Video Retouching Tool is a great tool for retouching photos and videos. It has editing options like makeup effects, portrait enhancing tool, AI Repair features, low light fixing, 4K exports, video stabilization, etc. Wink video enhancer tool also has a lot more options that are powered by AI that makes them more accurate and useful. 

Meitu Wink App comes with a freemium model when you download it from the play store or the app store. If you want to get all the premium and VIP unlocked features of Wink app then you should consider downloading Wink MOD APK latest version 2024. This will get you access to amazing templates and all professional photo and video editing tools for free. 

Meitu Wink Video Retouching Tool App – Editing Features

  • Unlimited HD and 4K Quality at 60 FPS Super Resolution Exports 
  • AI Anime Feature – Animation Effects
  • VIP Unlocked Templates, Filters and Overlays 
  • Professional Background Removal Tools  
  • Color Grading Tools
  • In-Built Audio Editing Options 
  • AI Repair Feature for restoring old photos and videos 

What is Remini Video Enhancer App?

Remini App is another great photo and video editing application that is available on multiple platforms. Remini video enhancer app is a great competition to Meitu Wink Video Retouching Tool. Remini app is mostly famous for its photo restoration and enhancement qualities. You can use the in-built AI powered technology to sharpen your existing images without losing any quality or detail.  

Remini App allows you to work with custom templates that you can edit and adjust according to your own preference. 

When it comes to photography and image enhancement, Remini App specializes in one main thing: making old, low-quality photos look new and clear again. Whether the pictures were taken with old digital cameras or scanned from printed photos, Remini uses advanced AI technology to improve their clarity and quality.

Remini App – Editing Features 

  • High Quality HD Exports 
  • Versatile Image Retouching Options 
  • Professional & Unique Background Editing Tools
  • AI Avatar Feature
  • Batch Processing Tool 
  • Pro Restoration Tools for Images & Videos
  • Pro Filters, Overlays and Templates 
  • Animation Tools powered by Artificial Intelligence 

Tabular Comparison of Meitu Wink vs Remini App 2024 

The following table offers a comprehensive comparison of the features and pricing plans for the Meitu Wink App vs Remini App, highlighting their strengths and differences.

FeatureMeitu Wink AppRemini App
Primary FunctionPhoto and video retouching and enhancementPhoto and video enhancement and restoration
Supported Export FormatsMOV, GIF, custom layoutsMP4
Free PlanYesYes
Monthly Subscription$4.99/month$4.99/month
Annual Subscription$29.99/year$29.99/year
One-time PurchaseNot AvailableNot Available
Video QualityUp to 4K 60 fpsUp to 1080p
Storage RequirementHigher due to high-quality exportsLower
Photo Editing FeaturesExtensive filters, effects, beauty toolsFocus on AI-based enhancement and restoration
Video Editing FeaturesTemplates, transitions, effectsBasic enhancement
AI EnhancementYesYes
Batch ProcessingYesNo
User InterfaceUser-friendly, modern designUser-friendly, simple design
Customization OptionsHigh (custom layouts, advanced editing tools)Limited
Community and SharingIntegrated social sharing and community featuresBasic sharing options
Platform AvailabilityiOS, AndroidiOS, Android
Customer SupportEmail, in-app supportEmail, in-app su  pport
Tutorials and GuidesExtensive in-app tutorials and guidesBasic guides
Unique Selling PointVersatility in formats and high-quality exportsStrong AI-based restoration capabilities

Features of Wink vs Remini Editing App


User Interface

Remini and Wink, both apps come with a very modern and easy to understand user interface. This helps the users to find all necessary photo and video editing tools easily at one single place. Remini app’s user interface is a bit more simple when compared to Meitu Wink’s user interface, so if a person who is not a professional and is only starting, will find an easier learning curve in Remini video enhancer app.

Wink Video Retouching Tool App gives more customization and retouching options when editing a picture or a video, however, Remini is more focused on templates and AI filters that users can apply to their images and videos.

Platforms Supported

Wink App is available to download on Android from the Google Play Store and on iOS from the Apple App Store. To use the Meitu Wink Video Enhancer App on PC, you must use an emulator. If you are not sure how to set this up, feel free to check out our Wink for PC guide. 

On the other hand, Remini App has an extended desktop and web version, so you can use Remini video enhancer app on PC or a laptop. Remini App is also downloadable for Android systems and Apple devices via Play Store and App Store respectively. 

Both apps require less storage and are very lightweight, so they do not need a high-level Operating System or a high-specification device. It can work on simple phones and give you a professional editing experience at the same time. 

Wink MOD APK Latest Version Available for Android, PC and iOS - All Versions Available


The use case scenario of Wink vs Remini is unique and it defines the purpose. Overall, the purpose and use case is determined by the user. Wink app is a great tool if you want more manual and deep customization, retouching and restoration options for your images and motion pictures. 

Whereas, the Remini app should be used for AI powered filters and effects. Strong and effective filters like cartoon animations, sketch, blur can make your images go wow with a single tap. But, that’s not it. Remini also provides customization and retouching options like Wink but they are not as detailed as in Meitu Wink App. 

Create Age Timelapse

If you want to create an age timelapse for a trending reel or video idea, then Remini App is the perfect tool for you. You can use the Remini video enhancer app to import in all the images and use the age timelapse tool to join them together with the power of Ai and make a professional looking timelapse video. This tool works 100% efficiently ensuring precision and accuracy. This feature is not available in the Wink app.

Create Cartoon Image 

To create a cartoon or an animated image or a video in the Wink Video Retouching tool, you can use the AI Anime feature available in the Wink app. With this feature, you can turn any image or a video into an anime styled media.

On the other hand, you can also create a cartoon image from your photo or video using the Remini video enhancer app. Simply select the cartoon tool and choose your image. With a single tap, your cartoon avatar will be generated. 

Adjust Body Shape and Facial Features

Wink App uses powerful and updated AI powered technology to bring sharp editing tools to retouch images and modify them as per the requirement. You can use the Meitu Wink to increase or decrease the height of the subject, change hair color and style, or even change the facial aspects of the subject like nose, ears, lips, eyes, cheeks, chin, etc. 

You can also use the Wink Video Retouching tool to increase or decrease the waist size of the subject as well as make the subject’s legs thinner or thicker. These customization features are not available in the Remini app yet. 

Pro and VIP Unlocked Templates

The Wink App offers a wide variety of templates that allow users to easily enhance their photos with just a few taps. By selecting their favorite template, users can completely transform their chosen photograph. This feature is especially beneficial for beginner photo editors or those who are not familiar with advanced editing tools and features.

Remini App also has a huge library of pre-designed templates that users can download and use for their photos and videos. Users can choose their template and make necessary edits to completely transform the template as per their demand. Remini and Wink, both apps provide an extensive range of templates and filters to their users. 

Video Exports

Meitu Wink and Remini app are both famous tools for enhancing video qualities and converting them into 4K videos. However, Wink Video Retouching tool takes the edge here as they offer a lot more customization options at the time of export like size, resolution, etc. 

The Remini app limits exports to MP4 format and standard aspect ratios, while Wink supports MOV, GIF, and custom layouts. Wink also offers more options for high-quality 4K 60 fps video, but requires more storage space for exports compared to Remini.

Wink vs Remini: Pros and Cons 

Wink Video Enhancer App 

  • Huge Library of Pre-designed Filters & Effects
  • AI Powered Tools 
  • Easy to Use Interface
  • Simpler Learning Curve
  • Wide range of VIP Unlocked Filters
  • More customization and retouching tools 
  • Limited Export Options 
  • Most features require VIP unlocked version 
  • Requires internet connection 

Remini Video Enhancer App 

  • Restore old and blurry photos with single click 
  • Easier learning curve than Wink 
  • Advanced AI features and tools
  • Regular updates 
  • Precise and Accurate Editing 
  • Massive range of pre built filters and templates

Wink vs Remini: Subscription Cost & Pricing

Take a look at the subscription plans and pricing packages for Wink vs Remini app and all the features that are supported with the paid plans of both apps. 

FeatureMeitu Wink Video Retouching ToolRemini Video Enhancer Tool
Free PlanYesYes
Monthly Subscription$4.99/month$4.99/month
Annual Subscription$29.99/year$29.99/year
One-time PurchaseNot AvailableNot Available
Export FormatsMOV, GIF, custom layoutsMP4
Maximum Quality4K 60 fps1080p
Storage RequirementHigherLower
Advanced Editing FeaturesYesYes
AI EnhancementYesYes
User InterfaceUser-friendlyUser-friendly

Which is the Best Photo and Video Retouching App in 2024?

The answer to this question is that it depends. It depends on the user’s requirements and demands, and how he wants to edit the image or video. What type of filters and effects will be used. All of this matters. 

To give a simpler and clear answer, we would suggest you to use Meitu Wink Video Retouching Tool App if you want more customization controls and detailed retouching options. If you are just a beginner and starting out, then you will definitely be relying more on the templates, then the Remini app will be the perfect fit for you.


Which country made the Wink editing app?

Wink Video Retouching Tool App was developed in China by Meitu (China) Limited. Now, this app is used all over the globe and supports 10+ languages. 

What is the Wink app used for?

Wink App is a very famous photo and video enhancer app used by pro content creators and editing professionals to retouch their content. Wink App uses AI powered technology that allows editing tools to work with precision and accuracy. 

Is Wink safe?

Yes. Wink Video Enhancer App is 100% safe. You can download the Wink App from our website to get a safe and no lag version of Wink app. 

Is the Wink app available for Android?

Yes. Meitu Wink Video Retouching Tool App is available on multiple platforms like Android, iOS and PC. You can download any version of the Wink app from our website. 

What is Remini App?

Remini App is a very professional video and photo enhancer app with a lot of customization and editing options. It also comes with a lot of templates and filters. 

What is the best video enhancer?

Wink and Remini are both good video and photo enhancement tools that are regarded as one of the best retouching tools available on the internet. 

Is Remini video enhancer good?

Yes. Remini App is a professional and user-friendly video enhancer app. It has a wide range of AI powered options that allow users to edit and enhance the quality of videos. You can download and use the Remini Video Enhancer app to enhance videos and export them in HD and 4K resolution.

Is the Wink video enhancer free?

Wink Video Retouching Tool App comes with a freemium model. You can use all editing tools of Wink with the free version but to use unlimited and all VIP unlocked features, you must get the paid plan of Wink app. However, you can also download the Wink VIP unlocked MOD APK version to get all pro features and templates for free. 

Final Conclusion and Key Takeaways 

In the battle of photo and video retouching apps, both Wink and Remini offer powerful features tailored to different needs. Meitu Wink App shines with its extensive customization options, 4K super resolution exports, and advanced retouching tools, making it ideal for professionals and creators who demand manual control and versatility. On the other hand, Remini excels in AI-powered restoration and ease of use with a ton of cool templates and filters, perfect for beginners and users looking for quick, impressive enhancements.

Ultimately, your choice depends on your specific editing needs and experience level. For detailed and customizable editing, Wink Video Retouching Tool App is your go-to tool. For straightforward, high-quality enhancements, Remini App stands out as the best option. We hope that this guide should have helped you make the appropriate decision for choosing the perfect video enhancing and photo restoration tool in 2024. 

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